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In December 2013, Senior Lecturer, Anandi Ramamurthy published a book on Colonial Advertising & Commodity Racism in collaboration with Professor Wulf Hund and Professor Michael Pickering with LIT Verlag.  ISBN 978-3-643-90416-4. The book is the fourth volume in The Racism Analysis Yearbook.


Wulf D. Hund: Advertising White Supremacy. Capitalism, Colonialism and Commodity Racism |
Anandi Ramamurthy, Kalpana Wilson: ›Come and Join the Freedom-Lovers‹. Race, Appropriation and Resistance in Advertising |
Robert W. Rydell: Buffalo Bill’s ›Wild West‹. The Racialisation of the Cosmopolitan Imagination |
Michael Pickering: ›Fun Without Vulgarity‹? Commodity Racism and the Promotion of Blackface Fantasies |
Malte Hinrichsen: From Œcumene toTrademark. The Symbolism of the ›Moor‹ in the Occident |
Emma Robertson: Bittersweet Temptations. Race and the Advertising of Cocoa |
Katharina Eggers, Robert Fechner: ›The German Alternative‹. Nationalism and Racism in ›Afri-Cola‹

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