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Cultural Translation in Popular Music 12-13 April 2013

What exactly does the recent hit ‘Gangnam Style’ tell us about modern musical culture? Are geographical boundaries becoming increasingly meaningless as native inhabitants translate popular music for a local and global audience?

These are some of the questions that were addressed at a major international conference at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).
By its very nature, lots of popular music – from jazz to RnB or punk- is known for its hybrid and transcultural character. It feeds on earlier styles, cultural artefacts and different art forms and travels from country to country.

The conference was supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Research Fund of the School of Journalism and Digital Communication at UCLan brought together cultural historians, film scholars, as well as specialists in popular music and translation studies from countries including UK, Poland, Austria, Estonia, Romania and Kenya.

In total over 20 papers were delivered over two days, four of which will be dedicated to Falco, singer of “Rock Me Amadeus” and successful Austrian pop star who was recognised as one of the most transnational and transcultural musicians in the world. Other papers will cover the history of music videos, multilingualism, the history of punk and rap, gender studies, psychoanalysis as well as film studies and tourism.

One paper, presented by Professor Ewa Mazierska at UCLan, examined Falco’s songs and music videos in depth. Another paper by UCLan Senior Lecturer Pete Atkinson looked to explore the way popular music is translated into popular TV formats and analyses the role of TV in the construction of British popular music history.

Plenary speakers at the event included:

• Ewa Mazierska (Professor of Contemporary Cinema)
• Georgina Gregory (Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies)
• Sarah Maitland (Lecturer in Translation, University of Hull)
• Paul Dale (Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University)
• Allyson Fiddler (Professor of German and Austrian Studies, Lancaster University)
• Mike Dines (Senior Lecturer in Music Studies, the University of Chichester)
• Eva Näripea (Senior Research Fellow, Estonian Academy of Arts)

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